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Everything you need to know about cementitious waterproofing.




Water is an essential element, yet further a construction material’s gravest enemy, because rainfall, soil water, and exterior water can create accelerated and widespread damage to structures. The answer lies in water- repulsive building substance with sealing characteristics such as cementitious slurries altered with dispersible polymer powders.

Both liquid or in steam from water can induce negative influence in the building. Waterproofing methods, therefore, must protect a structure’s integrity and application for the entirety of its life. Due to the bad situation of the monsoon, there’s a particular difficulty for water proofing method in India.

As a waterproofing business, we handle loads of water proofing products for our services today especially we are going to consider one of the wide used waterproofing products in the business called Cementitious waterproofing.

Cement based waterproofing products are followed massively all over the world for the waterproofing projects like water tanks, swimming pools, basement, manholes etc.

We will elaborate the benefit and drawbacks of this well apprehended and tested waterproofing product.


  • Cementitious treatment gives HDBs, condos and commercial properties, a nonporous coating of thick cement that will withstand water and stop leakages.
  • The methods are economy friendly so you do not have to spend too much during implying this method.
  • Can be implemented in damp or humid cabins such as showers.
  • Puncture proof due to the strong wearing character of cement.
  • Can be implemented seamlessly to new builds.
  • They contain no solutions and are user and environment-friendly.
  • They are fitting for contact with potable water.



One of the foremost obstacles to using cementitious waterproofing is the weakness to hold up cracks. Imagine there are exposures of the wall. The cementitious process cannot hold up on the surface of any cracks and can become seriously spoiled if leakage does develop. As such, when implementing Cementitious waterproofing product, contractors need be careful and precise.


Why Watertite?

As a waterproofing specialists, we highly recommend that regardless of the treatment you choose. Be it a cementitious solution or a waterproof membrane. Do ensure that you are choosing the services of a qualified and experienced professional that can do the job well. Contact us for more information.

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