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What you should know about waterproofing your bathrooms.




Designer bathrooms are gradually becoming the trend of the times. They are being designed with great care depending on the desires and need of the users. Dampen; water leaks and condensation are the major causes of structural damages in the bathroom.

Since bathrooms are one of the wetter areas at home, it is paramount to waterproof it in the most effective way. If you are planning to install a tile shower, one of the first steps is to consider shower waterproof. Leakages largely occur due to lack of awareness regarding the various techniques that can be adopted for waterproofing and in choosing the right products for waterproofing.

Here are 4 good reasons to waterproof your bathroom:

Washroom leaks:  Water will continuously attain the simplest and fastest path downwards. If a vulnerable spot or break emerges in your floor or walls, or gaps appear in the sealant among your walls and bath, water can simply begin to flow into and will quickly get its way inside the ground level of your residence. This will reveal itself in moist walls and roofs at a lower level, or critical droplets of water forming on light installations, determining water and electrics blending, which is never a great situation.


Prevents: You can comprehend what is holding the place on the outsides of your wall; it's what's underneath that you can't see. If you are renovating your bathroom, you may have removed away tiles to expose moist, disgusting looking plaster. This is affected by water reaching through the top coating and penetrating the timber, plaster or brick, which is usually never reviewed for before-mentioned things. By combining a watertight boundary among these surfaces and your top layer, you can stop the build up of crystallisation and check damp from happening.

Raise property value:  A fully waterproofed room determines that time and labour has been given to presenting a characteristic, expert polish to your bathroom. This, indeed, is an extremely business feature when the time appears to add value to your property.

If these 4 ideas have influenced you to watertight your bathroom, you'll be glad to know that complete bathroom waterproofing equipment is now accessible at WATERTITE. Take a glimpse at our comprehensive variety of high quality and affordable damp room solutions and save yourself time, energy and cash further down the road. Contact us now for further information!


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