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10 Tips to keep your home safe in winter




Large amounts of melting snow and heavy rainfall can create damage to basements and or crawl space and pose some dangers to your home. It is necessary to take the significant precautions to assist avoid dangerous situations.

10 tips to reduce the damage

We have noted some "Do it yourself" tips that can help as a defense against pooling water, clogged drains, roof drain dams, and covered exhaust house vents.

  1. Examine your premises for any interferences that might block melting snow and rain from draining.
  2. Clear out any basement window wells of snow to block it from seeping through the basement window.
  3. Make sure downspouts drain have a safe distance from the house.
  4. If it happens that you live in a place where snow is common, remove them away from the house's foundation walls to decrease water from pooling.
  5. Make sure that all water pipes and gutters are free from any kind of blockage.
  6. Snow on roofs that melts quickly can freeze and cause ice dams along gutters or soffits and prevent water from draining properly. (Getting rid of snow by using a roof rake or hire a waterproofing professional.)
  7. Consider utilizing sandbags for leading water away from your house.
  8. Examine and clear any snowfall or ice buildup throughout your sump pump outflow on the sidewall of your home. It is essential to keep the outflow pipe protected from freezing to avoid jamming. Check your sump pump for proper operation.
  9. Remove snow from basement/crawl space access doors and windows to prevent water intrusion.

So now you know what is best for your home. If you have no experience regarding the process, it is better to ask help from professional waterproofing company in India for help. They will asses the property and will take necessary steps about it so you and your family stay safe. Need more information? Contact us today! We are here to help you.

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