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Making sure your home is winter ready




Heavy rain can produce damage to basements and or crawl space and pose remarkable threats to your home. It is essential to take the significant cares to help dodge dangerous situations. As one of the waterproofing company in India, today, we are counting down a few necessary steps you can take to prevent any harm to your home and family.

Here are some of the few tips:

We have posted some "Do it yourself" suggestions that can serve as a defense against pooling water, molded drains, roof gutter dams, and closed exhaust house vents.

  • Examine your home for any obstacles that might block melting snow and rain from draining.       
  • Clear out any basement window wells to stop it from leaking through a basement window. This check will help to strengthen the basement waterproofing procedure you have already done earlier.
  • Make certain downspouts drain away from the home.
  • Remove snow/ rainwater away from the house's foundation walls to decrease water from pooling.
  • To ensure absolute basement waterproofing, remove snow/ water from basement/crawl space entrance doors and skylights to block water intrusion.
  • Make certain that all pipes and gutters are clear from snow and leaves. This will ensure water moving away from your home safely.
  • If you are living in an area, where snow is quite frequent then contact a professional from waterproofing company in India. Why? Because snow on rooftops that dissolves quickly can freeze and cause ice dams along gutters or soffits and stop water from flowing properly.
  • Consider using sandbags for leading water away from your foundation.
  • Investigate and clear any snow or rain water accumulation throughout your sump pump outflow on the sidewall of your home. It is necessary to direct the discharge pipe protected from freezing to avoid jamming. Check your sump pump for proper performance.

We are certain that though snow is not a frequent thing in India, however, it can bring devastation into your property if you are living in a particular area where it snows in the winter. Prevention is always preferred than complete destruction. Need help to secure your home? Contact WATERTITE today. We are one of the best waterproofing company in India. Serving to secure your home. Happy living!

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