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Protecting home with terrace waterproofing




Often times after spending so much cash on terrace waterproofing systems and after developing the projects the residents are confronted with a lot of difficulties because of seepages. These leakages may be pretty damaging and harmful.

The loss and inconveniencies often times cannot be quantified; this can give specifiers and consultants restless night. Below are some few objects that could lead to leakages after finishing a terrace waterproofing project. Recognizing this logic will help consultants to look out for them. It is essential that specifiers and authorities alike recognize the common causes of roof leakage.

Mechanical damage: Most times, ere the utilization of cementitious waterproofing by damp proofing company in India, polyurethane waterproofing or bitumen felt waterproofing careful considerations may not be given to the equipment that would be installed such as AC, Chillers, DSTV etc. And so they end up digging holes, damaging/breaking through these layers to install this material thereby making leakages.

Poor product specification: Specifying the incorrect product or sacrificing quality and durability on the altar of cost savings is another enormous mistakes often made. Placing one layer of bitumen membrane is often not sufficient, such systems will only provide 2-4 years protection for very quality felts, damp proofing company in India instructions for roof felting often specify double ply membrane to ensure longevity.

There are membrane systems such as polyurethane systems that offer within 15 – 25 years security, in projects where leakages are a top preference defining multiple membrane systems along with admixtures, will offer a meaningful advantage and long-term protection.

Electrical and Plumbing Installations: Often times, after paying so much money on waterproofing systems for terrace waterproofing and after completing the plans the residents, are faced with a lot of difficulties because of leakages. These leakages can be pretty devastating and costly.

Water seepage from the terrace is a serious situation and protecting this for the betterment of your establishment is absolutely necessary. Do you need any help to make your home secure? Contact damp proofing company in India for terrace waterproofing project. WATERTITE offers the best waterproofing products at a low price. Contact us now. 

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